What time is Greek time?

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What time is Greek time?

Clocks have been put on this earth to measure time and to make sure people make appointments unless your Greek. Then there's Greek time. Greek time. What it is? If you are not Greek then you have to ask. I understand. If you are...then you know.

It's the constant rate of being tardy. Not on time. Not caring. I've seen it and experienced it. It's not accidental. It's done purposely. Greeks are like snails as they move at their own space and time.

A few years back my wife and I were attending a wedding at the Annunciation Cathedral in Chicago. The invitation showed the wedding was to begin at two pm in the afternoon. It was ten to two as we waited for the signal light to change, we were on Chicago Avenue waiting to make a left on LaSalle St. where the church is located. My wife was nervous and I told not too worry, Greek time I say, and that the wedding would start late. At the exact moment a white stretch limo was spotted at the adjacent street turning away from us. I told Irene (my wife), there look I bet you that's the bride in the limo. Indeed when we arrived at the church nobody was there except the priest and hardly anyone of the guests.

Another time Haris Alexiou legendarily Greek singer was performing at the Chicago theater. Many Greeks filled the lobby smoking, talking and visiting other guests. The concert was about to begin and I asked my wife we should go in and get to our seats. She says Greek time, the concert won't start on time but, I quickly corrected her and told her the theater is run by union workers and WILL start on time to the minute. We sat down and within a few moments the concert begin. Can you imagine how startled all the others in the lobby felt when they saw the house lights go down and Mrs. Alexiou speaking. 

Greek time happens everywhere when ever there are Greeks involved. No event is spared. The Hellenic Parade down Halstead Street, Chicago, church activities, weddings, Greek ferry boats and airports, parties. It just happens. Your Greek and get use to it. 

Panos at Kantyli.com has created a new product that will the help the constant tardy Greek. It's a device with two clocks. The top clock is set to Greek Time usually about half hour behind the actual time (you can set to as you want only you know how late you are) and the second clock that has REAL time set. I"m hoping this device to help all Greeks to finally be on time. 

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