Celebrate Dad, Baba, Patera, Pappou, Nono, Thio

Celebrate Dad, Baba, Patera, Pappou, Nono, Thio

Celebrate Dad, Baba, Patera, Pappou, Nono, Thio

Fathers give more than they’re often given credit for. As we approach Father’s Day, let’s take a look at just what is a father, and his important role. Let’s get ready to celebrate him!


Father: dictionary definition

What is a father? Oxford Languages gives us several definitions of the word “father”.

Noun: (1) a man in relation to his child or children; (2) an important figure in the origin and early history of something; (3) a man who gives care and protection to someone or something; (4) the oldest or most respected member of a society or other body; (5) (in Christian belief) the first person of the Trinity; God; (6) (often as a title or form of address) a priest; (7) early Christian theologians (in particular of the first five centuries) whose writings are regarded as especially authoritative.

Verb: (of a man) cause a pregnancy resulting in the birth of (a child)

What does it all mean?

Well, Father could mean God. It could refer to founding fathers or theologians or thought leaders,  think “Church Fathers” or “Father of our country”, kind of thing. It could be in reference to your priest/spiritual father. We’ll always give reverence to God as the father of all. So we’ll celebrate Him first and foremost. But today, let’s chat about the mortal men, those who raise children (biological and otherwise). Coming up this year on June 20, we’ll celebrate these special men.

Father’s love

Over the years, as society has changed, so has the role of the father. For years, fathers worked exclusively outside the home and mothers worked exclusively inside the home--keeping the house and caring for the children. Parental roles have evolved over the years, with in some cases, less physically demanding work for fathers, and mothers taking jobs outside the home. Today’s fathers actively participate in things once left to the mothers: cooking, keeping the house, caring for children. Many adults look back and say, “My dad worked all the time. I rarely saw him.” Today’s children get the benefit of having more time to spend with their dads.

Today we even have dads that raise kids alone, without mothers. Dad’s role has changed, but his importance in our lives has not. Our fathers give us so much. We learn things from our mothers, we learn other things from our fathers. Many of us can say we wouldn’t be where we are without the presence and influence of our fathers. Fathers have different gifts than mothers. And we take away important lessons from both. Fathers love us, guide us, protect us, in a different way than mothers. And we love them both for making us the people we are.

Maybe you had an uncle, a family friend, who served as a father figure, imparting important advice or guidance. Maybe you lost your dad young, or never knew him. Father figures, now more commonly lumped into the more generic term, “mentors”, are vital to us as well.


Your Godfather, alongside your Godmother, has walked with you in your faith. He’s been there for advice. To set a good example. Celebrate your Nono—Godfather, too!


What does a father wish to be when he grows up? A pappou! Becoming a grandfather is a tremendous blessing. Those who’ve been blessed with a grandfather—or two—can tell you just how much these men mean to them. Grandparents are often retired, and don’t have the direct responsibility of parents. There’s more time to play, spend time, tell stores, impart wisdom. These sage individuals bring it all full circle.

Father’s Day is coming up

Since 1910, on the third Sunday in June, we’ve celebrated our fathers, grandfathers, Godfathers, and father figures. How will you celebrate Dad? Pappou? Nono? Hint: Dad doesn’t want a tie or a golf ball.

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Whatever you call him—Dad, Baba, Patera, Pappou, Grandpa, Nono… let’s celebrate them!

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