The chair and the table

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The chair and the table

Customers often ask me where the inspiration for my ideas evolve from. I tell them ideas come from everywhere perhaps, someone said something or I saw. This latest idea came from viewing many photographs of Greece that are often posted by Greeks on Facebook and people visiting Greece. A couple of objects caught my eye and I started to pay attention. I came to realize that Greeks don't have a lot of outdoor furniture, but wanted to make something that people would buy and display in their home that come and represent the experience of living in Greece. The wooden chair and metal table that often seen together and come to represent many things like, stories, relaxation, friends, beverages, and communication.

Two years ago, we were visiting Greece, and walking around the village. My wife stopped to speak to someone and I spotted a Greek chair. We borrowed it and brought it back to where we were staying. There I photographed it and took measurements. I was ready to start the project when I got home to American. It's been two years and it hasn't happened yet and afraid all those notes have been misplaced. But something lately has happened.  Astounding I must say. 

The TV Dish repair man wanted help and asked me to hold the ladder for him. The ladder was put in the next door yard. As he climbed I held the ladder. While he was on my roof I decided to look around. I don't spend much time in other people's yard but, when I did I HAD to look twice and maybe three times....there in a corner I saw a few Greek chairs. I couldn't believe it. I sat in them and felt just like the chairs that were in Greece. I thought of taking them and thought that wasn't right. So I left them alone and thought if I even needed them I knew where they. The next day I putting my garbage out in the alley, as I did,  I noticed the chairs too were in the alley and the neighbor was throwing them out. What luck!!! So I took them. All three.  And what about the table you may ask? While visiting Nouna that have visited hundreds of times already, she had a Greek table there on her balcony and I borrowed it. In my possession are the chairs and table waiting to be reproduced into a diorama. 


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