When I grew up May 17, 2016 14:49

Long ago my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. A designer, I said. She seemed puzzled by that answer and didn't know how I would become one. That was awhile ago when we lived in the old house and brother and sister hadn't come along yet. Today I own my store, Kantyli, where Greeks come to buy unique and interesting products never seen before. It's not easy designing stuff. It's a job of one that you must endure, be persistent and preserve. Often I see it as a curse when solutions are no where in sight, materials and time are wasted quickly.

Many years ago while participating in a craft show a product caught my attention that I thought was a great idea for a Greek product. Upon further inspection it was a lot tougher than it looked. That idea sat for years until this past weekend the inspiration took hold of me and propelled me further to complete it. And I did! 

An elegant solution that allows the letters to stay together and float that can be displayed on a table top and hang on the wall. The solution works well all virtue words like wisdom, strength, love and others. Laminated cherry wood veneer over the Plexiglas skeleton achieves the look that is needed.

Instead of using Cherry wood, the colors of the Greek flag, blue and white, will be used. With a blue letter starting for the boys' name and white for the girl's name. Ancient Greeks used this technique too for their pottery. Pottery designs toggled between two colors, black and terra-cotta. Sometimes the figures were black on a terra- cotta background and other times terra-cotta figures on a black background.

As the designer that I've become used to the pressures and ideals that are needed to great Greek gifts even if it means looking at what the Ancients did.