Yiayia's Koutala (Greek Grandmother's Cooking Spoon)

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Greek Grandmother's Cooking Spoon

Admit it. You probably pissed off your grandmother a lot when you were a kid. I've heard the stories at Greek Festivals around the country everyone has a memory to share.

Yiayia spoons come in two groups. One group expresses nice sentiments and group is when Yiayia is angry where she'll insult you with Greek phrases that induce violence.

Bulk discounts available for church fund-raisers and organizations.

  • Engraved gift for Yiayia
  • Choose from twenty Greek phrases
  • Engraved beech wood spoons
  • Can be used for cooking, not punishment, you can wave but, not hit.
  • All spoons are 14" (fourteen inches) long
  • Spoons can be placed vertically in the 'stand' style.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Bessie P.
Koutales in Greek!

Great products as always !!!!

Athena Perides
Nice quality

Giving these to my mom as a Christmas gift… Hysterical! Reviewed them today...great quality. Thank you!

Maria M.
The best

Laughed a lot and my mom and grandma enjoy it!

Eva F.
Yiayia cracked up

My mom could not stop laughing. Perfect.

Must have brought her back great memories. Hopefully she shared those with you!

Kathie R.

The Koutalas were great
Would you purchase from us again: Absolutely
Pros: The products, the service, everything
Cons: There were no cons