Yiayia's Koutala (Grandmother's Cooking Spoon)

$ 10.00

The koutala (wooden spoon) was used by Yiayia (Greek grandmother) who watched the children while the parents were working. Typically Yiayia would be in the kitchen cooking while the children would be in or near the kitchen. At first, she would ask you nicely to behave. If you didn't, she would get angry and start waving her wooden spoon along sharing with a few choice Greek phrases.

We engraved these phrases on a wooden spoon. The phrases are engraved upside down or right side up so each spoon can be displayed in unique ways. Place these spoons in strategic places in kitchen or around your house or office and just wait for the audible laughter when they are spotted.

Bulk discounts available for church fund-raisers and organizations.

• Engraved gift for Yiayia
• Choose from five Greek sayings
• Engraved beech wood spoons
• Display hanging or standing
• Purchase individually or buy all five!

A great way to say how much Yiayia means! Decorate a kitchen and celebrate Greek food and love in this iconic everyday part of Greek life.
Please see our Koutala holder to proudly display your koutales


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