Greek festivals not all about selling May 31, 2018 11:43

It's not all about money

Feast days through the year May 28, 2016 21:20

Feast days in Greece are an important way of celebrating a particular saint. Additionally, Greek Orthodox parishes are named after saints as well. The name gives the local community a way to display their devotion to the church and Christianity.

 Most recently, on May 21st, the feast day of Saints Constantine and Helen occurred. Saint Helen was the Christian mother of Constantine, the Roman Emperor. His father was the pagan Caesar of the Western part of the Roman Empire.

 Among Constantine’s contributions were that he unified the Empire, legalized Christianity, changed the capital of Rome to Constantinople and established the First Ecumenical Council in 325 AD. Helen discovered the true cross and built churches in the Holy Land. Their actions awarded them the title “equal to the Apostles. Sts.Constantine and Helen is just one of many parishes located in the Metropolis of Chicago. To read more about additional feast days and parishes in the area, the book ECCLESIA: Greek Orthodox Churches of the Chicago Metropolisby Panos Fiorentinos, is an excellent resource. 

So you want to sell at craft shows? September 09, 2015 20:22

Selling at craft shows not as easy as you think.This past year we participated in five shows across the eastern United States and learned a ton of information. Every show added a something new to the next one in some way. There's so much preparation that has to take place before leaving. For one you have to know what to bring, make sure to bring enough and know how to display it, then know where it is and how to display it and pack up and fit back into the van (like a Honda Odyssey) in an orderly and weight balanced position in the van. Very important point. Sure, there's lots of space in the van once you removed the two back seats. Don't throw boxes anyway please pack everything in boxes and make sure the weight is concentrated in the area between the front and back tires. The car will handle better and get better gas mileage. Once I got on the freeway it was put on cruise control and helped me relax. Please stay alert and pay attention to speed limits and know your surroundings. Yes, it's too much work. Driving takes time. Are you prepared to be on the road for six hours or more? Are you prepared to spend money up front for tolls, gas, hotel and food...and even car tires and maintenance before the trip.

I did five of these trips in the months of June and July spaced two weeks apart. Sometimes had to spend the night at a relatives house in Pennsylvania and continue the next day. Four hundred and fifty miles was pretty much my limit when driving.  It certainly keep me busy, almost too busy and at times stressed. Two weeks between shows is just too much work and should have spaced three weeks apart. Here's why...the first show is easy there's plenty of time to get ready it the second that you have to cram all the prep into that week and half just to be ready. There's no point in driving all the distance only to get there and learn you have forgotten something. One must be prepared.

From Chicago, I managed to drive to New Jersey,  two trip to Maryland, Michigan and Ohio...before coming home. There's a fast period for about a month in August where there are no Greek festivals and then it resumes again. By that time arrived I was tired and eventually got comfortable being back home and working on the website. We attended a Greek festival seven miles from home and that was so welcoming sleeping in my own bed for a change. The last festival was a trip to Boston...about nine hundred and seventy miles, two hotel stay for the road trip. As the date approached I kept thinking about all the work and decided not to go...I just didn't have in me to contiune the pace. It was the best decision. I lost the two hundred and fifty dollars booth fee but have my sanity now.